Less Q Time.

More U Time.

Why queue when we can do it for you? No forms. No fuss. We do it all and deliver to your door! Enjoy more time to do things you want to do!

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We pride ourselves on offering professional queuing services that save you time!
We take the hassle out of vehicle registrations, license renewals, traffic fines and more!

Download the relevant forms and contact us today!

License Renewals

Need your vehicle license renewed? We’ll deliver your new license disc direct to your door!

Personalised Number Plates

Want to personalise your vehicle? A personalised number plate is yours for life. We’ll assist with the entire process, from application and allocation to delivery of the personalised plate.

Vehicle Registrations

Need to register a new or used vehicle? We’ll register your vehicle for U!

Vehicle De-Registration

Is your vehicle scrapped or stolen? We’ll de-register the vehicle so you don’t keep paying the licence fee!

Notification of Change of Ownership

Bought or sold a vehicle? We’ll assist you with any changes to the owner or titleholder details of the vehicle which must be communicated to the registering authority within 21 days of such a change.

Traffic Fines

Do you have outstanding fines? We offer a full fine management solution which includes fine payments, re-direction of fines and negotiation of fine settlements. Please register for this service.
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